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What is action entry and how can I use it?

Action entry is the way to make almost anything you want an entry method.  Once you create the entry method you will be given a short piece of code that you can place on any confirmation page (EXCEPT WHERE PURCHASE IS NECESSARY AS IT IS AGAINST LOTTERY LAWS IN MANY COUNTRIES).

An example of how to use this would be to place the code on a confirmation page after someone fills out a form.  You will have a confirmation page or message once the form has been completed.  Place the code on that page.  Once the form is filled out the person will be shown a form so they may tell us who they are.  Once the person who filled out the form is now entered in your contest.


Can I avoid the popup after they fill out the form?
Yes.  If you have the person's name and email address you can fill those values in for them.  Below is an example of the code we give you.  If you fill in the values we don't need to ask them who they are.


   var rf_ae_1234_firstname ="John";                                             //place the first name here if you have it
   var rf_ae_1234_lastname ="Smith";                                           //place the last name here if you have it
   var rf_ae_1234_email_address ="john.smith@demo.com";        //place the email address here if you have it
<script src="//cdn.rewardsfuel.com/contest-1/ae_1234.js" async></script>

Is there a confirmation to show the contestant they have entered?
The choice is yours.  You can choose for us to say nothing, send them and email, show a popup or a combination of those.

I want them to enter my contest in other ways.  Is there a way to do that?
Yes, if you show the confirmation you can choose to have a button returning back to your contest and offer them more ways to enter you contest.