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I'm using WordPress and I don't see my Giveaway Widget or Comment Entry

If you're having trouble seeing your Rewards Fuel widget or the Comment on your self-hosted WordPress blog, you've come to the right place. The following steps will more than likely help you figure out why your widget isn't appearing.

You must first have the Rewards Fuel Wordpress Plugin installed. You can find this available in your dashboard under Publish Settings or adding the Wordpress Comment entry.

Once you are able to add a Wordpress Comment entry to your Giveaway, you will need two things: your Short Code and API key. 

Your short code for your Wordpress post will be in the Rewards Fuel Dashboard under Publish Settings:

API keys are located on your Rewards Fuel account page, which can be found in the drop down menu under your name when you are logged in.

Once you have your Short Code and API key, go to the Wordpress blog you want to embed your Giveaway in. You should be able to find the Installed Plugin and select your Giveaway in the drop down menu:


 Copy your Short Code into the text(HTML) section of your Wordpress Blog:


IMPORTANT: Make sure you have enable comment entry at your Wordpress Plugin or points will not be counted for your entrants.

For more help this video demonstrates step by step how to embed a Rewards Fuel contest into your self-hosted WordPress blog.