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General Questions

Add a description
You can use this to expand details on each contest entry button that will show o... more
Why do I need a password and where do I get it?
In order to claim your prize and ensure you are the winner we require you to log... more
How do I find my YouTube channel id?
YouTube Channel IDEach YouTube channel has a unique channel ID. These are used t... more
Why run a contest?
Contests are a great way to give incentive to actions that help you with your bu... more
What is Rewards Fuel?
Rewards Fuel (http://rewardsfuel.com/) is the world's easiest way to run a give... more
What kind of promotions can I run with Rewards Fuel?
Sweepstakes and giveaways! Contests... not so much. Rewards Fuel was created as ... more
How much does Rewards Fuel cost?
Nothing... it's free! Rewards Fuel provides a basic (and awesome!) service free ... more
How do I start using Rewards Fuel
Getting started with Rewards Fuel is easy! Go to our sign up page (http://app.re... more
Can I add entries manually?
Yes you can!If you want to add one or two entries or need to add numerous entrie... more
Where can I install the Rewards Fuel widget?
Rewards Fuel's widget code is a two-line javascript snippet. It works wherever H... more
How can I contact Rewards Fuel?
Email us! If you're having trouble and haven't found your answer in our FAQs / k... more