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What is the Automatic Retweet entry?

“Automatic Entry” is short, sweet, and easy. You ask your audience to RT to win, and Rewards Fuel will automatically monitor your twitter account for you and automatically enter those retweeting into the competition database.

Why use Rewards Fuel Auto Entry over just running the contest yourself on Twitter?

  • Automation of monitoring – You don’t have to check if tweets were counted, deleted etc. We do that for you. Just set it and forget it.
  • Optional notification – You can choose whether or not your Twitter contestant receives automatic notifications for entering your competition, or if they have deleted a tweet therefor disqualifying that entry.
  • Get more out of your giveaway – By using “Automatic entry” you have the ability to allow the simplicity of RT to win in addition to offering further entry methods such as: joining your newsletter, following you on twitter, or liking your Facebook page.
  • Set it and forget it – You can now set future tweets, set one to go out at the beginning of the contest, one to go out during the contest and one a day before the contest ends, this will ensure you get fresh eyes.