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List keeper entry

What will the notification email look like?
We try to send minimal looking notifications. Below is a mobile screenshot of th... more
Minimum points
Set the points here for your selected calculation. more
Calculate points every
Select the time range to calculate the points you have assigned by day, week, mo... more
Enter again button
Hide this option or let your subscribers know there are more ways to enter your ... more
Add a custom email
If you have selected to Notify your subscribers of their entry and 'email them' ... more
Subscribers since
Rather than going back to the beginning of your subscribers by leaving it blank,... more
List URL
Add a customURL where people can sign up for your newsletter here. more
Show sign up link
If you select "Yes", a" click here to join"link will show on... more
Points Calculation
You can select a Flat Calculation orgoback to the longer your on the list calcul... more
Notify Subscribers
You can select notifications to be sent to your list. Let them know you are rewa... more